Red Monk returned to Shoreditch Studios for their annual Thing Monk developer conference on the 12th and 13th September. The theme for #ThingMonk 5 was the design and development of 'Internet of Things' platforms with coding workshops and industry leading talks on bots, industrial automation, machine learning, time series data, programming language choices and UX. 

Guest speakers included: Abby Kearns, Johan Stokking, Ian Craggs, Michael Hirsch, Martin Gale, Charlie Issacs, Roslyn Scott, Julien Vermillard, Tracey Miranda, Yodit Stanton, Ben Stopford, Andy Stanford Clarke, Dr. Lucy Rogers, Roslyn Scott, Gary Barnet, Juan Perez, Kamil Baczkowicz, Sarah Cooper, Boris Adryen, Sarah Cooper and Clemens Vasters.